The Team

Yup, its just the two of us! And we're sisters, and we never fight. Mostly.



All my life I've simply preferred animals to people,  I find dogs especially wonderful. To me they are the closest thing in this world to angels. When I look into their eyes I see pure love, even when on the edge of starvation and filled with fear. When we talk about unconditional love, as humans I don't believe it exists, but the way a dog loves its owner so totally, this is truly unconditional.  I cannot understand how some people miss this, they see only an object, a nuisance and treat them with contempt and disregard, this fills me with such pain and sadness. I am dedicated to doing everything I can to try to raise people's awareness of animal sentience, and to hopefully witness one day, an end to their unbearable suffering. Because suffer they do, beyond your wildest imagination.




Lisa was born in London and moved to South Africa in 2005. In all the years  that she came to visit us in cape town, she accompanied me on many of my rescues. It affected her so deeply that she decided to give up her life in London as an office manager, to come and help me set up and run The Animal Trust. Lisa has a calm and strong way of dealing with painful and emotional situations. She offers not only support for me, but great support and love for the animals we rescue. She often fosters our rescued puppies and dogs, dedicating her days to helping them recover from traumatic pasts. She is also a Rei Ki practitioner and uses these skills one many of the sick and suffering animals we come across in our work, the effects are incredible.