Our support in poverty areas

There is an abundance of unwanted, neglected, abused and starving animals in poverty areas, often chained up with no form of shelter from the harsh winter or boiling summer.  For a lot of people, living is simply survival, so for these animals they co exist with, life is equally hard, if not worse. When there is barely enough money to feeds ones own family then there certainly isn't enough to feed your dogs, yet they refuse to give them up,  some would rather have a sick or dying dog than no dog at all.

Fortunately there are pockets of families, that with our support, are willing to re look at the value of their animals lives, in these situations, when beneath the cruelty is simply poverty and ignorance, the only solution is support and education.

So this is what we do!
We strike a deal with the family. We supply them with a kennel and dog food every month and in return, they learn to treat their animals with kindness, compassion and respect.

Dogs are a cheep and effective security system with a short life span and easily replaced.
It is understandable, but nevertheless, intolerable and inexcusable,
but because the law is not on our side, there is very little that one can do

old home

new home

We cannot resign ourselves to doing nothing because the problem is endless and what difference can saving one life make.....because for that one life, the difference is everything

delivery of 9 new kennels

ince 2004 we have rescued and successfully re homed 40 dogs and
are currently supporting 27 dogs from 10 families in various poverty areas around Cape Town.

Every month we visit each family with their bag of dog food, words of encouragement
and an obvious vested interest in the health and happiness of their animals.

Often this new way of treating their pets is foreign to them, but with out fail, every family has met our challenge. Maybe because they have learned the value of their animals life, maybe just because they find their security system lasts longer and works better this way or maybe they simply know they are being watched, which ever way, their animals lives have turned around completely. And in a way, so has their own.

When I find once emaciated and terrified animals, now healthy, confident and playful,
I realise how effective a combination of support, education, and a watchful eye can be.

Now meet some of the lucky few, well fed, warm, cosy, happy dogs out there.
(12 of these kennels were paid for by 14 very generous people, who between them, recently donated R5800)

The kennels are expensive and the cost of the monthly food is very high and growing.
Donations and Sponsorship are desperately needed in order to be able to take on new families. 
More families, more kennels, more food, and a better life for them all.


Candy and Lisa

When we found them in 2004, Lisa had 8 puppies and had to jump a high wall to search for food so she could feed her puppies milk. The puppies were full of fleas and ticks but doing ok, however she was not, she was exhausted, weak and skeletal. Candy was terrified, desperately thin and wouldn't come near us.

We immediately bought them a kennel each, put them both onto nutritious pellets and 2 weeks later took the puppies for fostering. Today Candy and Lisa are healthy, happy and confident dogs. We visit them monthly with their bags of food and the change in both the animals and owners is remarkable.


The Container family

The family live in Maitland in a container yard. 5 children, 5 dogs and 3 cats. They absolutely love their animals and treat them like a part of the family. This is one of the poorest yet happiest family we have.



This is one of the saddest cases. Javier was living in a families yard for 3 years with out being touched, looked at or fed a morsel. When his owner moved he just left him there, the new tenants didn't know what to do with him as he was old, sick and very aggressive, so they simply ignored him. When I found him he was in a bad way and his only shelter was under a scrap car in the yard.  He is a big dog and must have suffered terribly.
He would have been impossible to re home so I gave the family two options, either I help them take care of him or we call an animal shelter where he would have surly been put down. Being kind people, they chose to keep him. Today he protects his new family and his kennel is his castle, still
a very sad dog but warm, free, comfortable and well fed.


Sari and her 3 dogs

When we arrived at this family, she had 2 dogs, both extremely thin and full of mange, fleas and ticks. The female was starving and breastfeeding a litter of 5 puppies, whose fate was to be sold. We bought them kennels and put the whole family on puppy food and after some serious negotiations, she allowed us to take 4 of the pups at 5 weeks old, for re homing, on condition she could keep one of them

Today Sari is the most incredible mom to her 3 happy dogs. Most importantly she has turned into our animal neighbourhood watch and reports on any animal that needs our help

A year later, after re homing her 4 other puppies, here is the one that stayed. He looks fantatsic.


Florey and 3 dogs

The dogs had a few pieces of planks piled together as shelter, as she simply couldn't afford more. When we arrived with the kennels and food Florey was so grateful that she burst into tears. Now all 3 dogs each have their own warm kennels.


Puppy German Shepherd

This 3 month old puppy was living from 7am to 5pm locked up every day in a dark, cold,  garage. His owner was afraid he would get stolen and simply didn't know how much his dog was suffering. I offered to buy him a kennel, monthly food and NOT steal his dog myself, on the condition the dog was never put in the garage again. He agreed and I have since done 2 surprise visits to happily find his dog asleep outside in his kennel.


Puppy and Mom

These two dogs were living under a few planks piled together in an open stretch of field aside their families house. The family refused to let me take them as they are the house security system. After some heated discussions in the rain, we found the family were willing to take more responsibility of their two dogs, with our support. These two gorgeous, friendly and very sweet dogs roam the streets all day and although never feel a human touch they are free and take care of themselves, now with the addition of a warm kennel and food twice a day. These two would be so easy to re home, and every visit, im tempted to offer them a seat in my car.


Snoopy and Tiger

Snoopy (left) was living under a crudely built kennel, which simply kept him out of the rain but very far from warm and dry. Tiger lives next door in a similar situation. Today with the new kennel, tiger (right) has moved in with snoopy and they both sleep, play and stay warm and dry together in their new cosy pad. I Offered the family monthly food for both dogs and now tiger is an official new member of the family.

There are a few families that are not up as I haven't taken pictures yet.... watch this space for more and more and more dogs in their new kennels.

If you would like to sponsor money, dog food, a kennel or blankets,
please go to the donations page for more info.