Our rescues 

 Since 2004 we have rescued and successfully re-homed over 40 dogs


There are no premises, kennels or staff, there is only us and each of our homes. Sometimes sick, starving and often a little psychologically damaged dogs and puppies are brought home and the work begins. loving, feeding, pampering, training and re-building

Then comes the re homing, this is often the saddest part, but extremely fulfilling when we see the new family with their new addition. witnessing how its life goes from pure hell to absolute heaven.



He was being sold on the street for R15. Since I refuse to build the business of backstreet puppy trade, I just took him. Nothing to negotiate. The second he was in my arms he fell asleep, I think he knew he was on his way up. He was very thin and all his hair on his body was gone, except for his head and arms. today bono is a huge, powerful and very happy dog.


He was 8 weeks old when found on the beach being used as a beach-ball in the ice cold sea with some street kids on Christmas day. When I found him he was suffering from shock, hypothermia and starvation. He was an hour away from death. He was tiny, very weak and very thin. Snoopy moved in with me immediately and grew into a powerful, strong and happy dog. He became my child. Exactly one year later he was hit with tick bite fever and developed an auto immune disease, and because he was malnourished in his first 2 months of life, his body just wasn't strong enough and he died.
The Animal Trust is dedicated to him.


Thandi, Kayla, Phoebe, Lucy, Chelsea, Diego, Charlie and Bino

I was called by a friend of the owner who lived in Maitland, he told me that if I don't come and fetch the 8 puppies immediately the owners may "throw the puppies away" I shudder to think what that means. They lived with me for 2 months and grew into absolutely incredible dogs. Each one was re homed to the most ideal homes we could have wished for.



She was rescued off the street from an abusive and cruel street lady, who would get drunk, then kick and pound into her dog, someone saw this an called me. When I got there she was cowering behind a rubbish tip. I grabbed her and left. There was simply nothing to negotiate. Daisy is now living with me, she becomes a surrogate mother to all the puppies I rescue and bring home, she disciplines them and builds their confidence, she is an incredible dog.



She was four months old and found tied up to a pole in grand central station, cape town. It was dark, raining and freezing and she was terrorised and starving. She looked like a skeleton. I bargained with the street people to let me take her as I wont give money, the next day I bought them 2 warm jackets and they gave her to me. She was very afraid of loud noises and cowered when she heard raised voices. She now lives with her perfect family, who say she has changed their lives as no one can fight if she is in the room. 


Diesel, Bongo, Chaka, and Didge

Found in a box on strand street.

All of them homed and happy. Turning out to be rather bigger than expected by myself and the new owners.



Big Chaka
Big Chaka was owned and loved by two Bergies living in Wales street. The big dog was running loose all over the street and had apparently been unsuccessfully stolen several times by street kids. The Bergies were terrified that one day the kids would be successful and he would end up chained up in a yard somewhere awful. So after 2 days of negotiations they allowed me to take him. He came to my home, freaked all my own dogs out for a few weeks, and then found him a fantastic farm with a very loving family.  Today he has 7 puppies and runs around the farm like its exactly where he was meant to be.


Ruby Tuesday

Little Ruby was found living on lions head, she may have got lost or run away from her home, she had been seen there for a few days and someone finally caught her and brought her to me. I tried to find her a home for months, but no one wanted her. So she stayed with me. She is small, fast and the smartest dog on the block, very street wise and watches animal planet and lies on the remote.


Scruffy, Rocky and Coco

They were living in a small concrete wood cover in someone's yard, ready to be sold to street kids, A fate worse than death. They came home with me, wrecked my house for a while but today all homed and all very loved little dogs. They were tiny and the cutest things imaginable

Scruffy's new home (right)


Whisky and Oscar

These two were found dumped on the boardwalk in sea point. They were brought in to the vet and I was contacted for fostering and re homing. Oscar found a home within 24 hours but whisky stayed with me for 3 months. She was very difficult to re home as she was absolutely terrified of every thing, but very affectionate and sweet. She eventually found a home that was designed exactly for her.



5 pups

These pups were saved from being sold to who ever wanted them in the township. They were the naughtiest puppies we've ever fostered. Today each one has their own fantastic home and are apparently still very naughty.




This is the mom of the 8 pups below. The owner didn't want any of them so we took them all. They were living in a filthy yard in a make shift kennel, more ticks than ive seen in my life. Tears helped us kennel them all and home the puppies. Kesler then moved into our home and lived there till we found her a fantastic home.
Today she lives in pure luxury.


8 Puppies
Kesler's (above) puppies were full of ticks and fleas but still healthy on mothers milk. The owners (Maitland) of Kesler didn't want her or her puppies, so we took them all. Tears were fantastic and kennelled Kesler and her pups and helped us find fantastic homes for all the pups.


4 Puppies

When we arrived at this house, we were faced with a horror that haunts me still. A female dog and her four puppies, all of them were so thin that when u touched them all you could fell was bone, there was absolutely no flesh. The mother got sick a month previously and because she was too ill to go and find food, the puppies got no milk and were slowly starving to death. when i gave them food they went crazy, but could hardly stand as their little bones in their bodies were too weak. Through out, they wagged their thin tails. It was heartbreaking.  All the pups had caught "distemper" from their mother and were all very sick, the mother was already in her first stages of fitting, she probably would have died through the night and the puppies may have lasted a few days longer.  I didn't know what to do, as no welfare society would take dogs with distemper as it is highly contagious and fatal. So I called Animal welfare in Philippi who came to asses the situation. They said all the dogs were badly infected and there is not other option but euthanasia.   This is the part of what i do that feels rewardless.