Animals are suffering all around us and we choose not to look, we are so
desensitized that even when we do see, it seems normal.
No matter how tight we shut our eyes, it will not go away.
Not until we see the "forgotten" who cannot speak.

The Animal Trust
Branch Code 108 309
Account number 1083347020

Cheques made out to The Animal Trust can be sent to:
Po Box 79, Camps Bay, 8040, Cape Town, South Africa

If you have made a donation,
contact us  with the details so that we can put you in our records
and with your permission, add you or your company to our
sponsors page

This is what your money will do

  We have many families in underprivileged areas that own dogs but cannot afford to buy them food or shelter. So instead of taking the dogs and putting them into welfare shelters, where they would spend their days closed up in kennels, waiting to be adopted or sadly very often euthanized. With Our Community support project we now supply the families with good quality dog food, kennels for each dog, veterinary assistance and education. This is all on condition they allow us to sterilize their animals and then learn to care for, respect and take pride in their pets. This system has proved to work. These Animals are no longer abused or neglected. They are now happy, healthy and in good condition. With our financial and moral support and regular check ups, these families understand the value of their pets. We have found that education and support is sometimes the best option, It tends to spread and although it is an expensive rout, changing the way people think about their pets is priceless.

The costs of supplying these families with kennels and monthly food is extremely high. We desperately need donations for us to be able to continue supporting these families and to hopefully be able to do more.

Once every two months we print a full colour, 8 to 16 page brochure with beautiful pics of around 40 to 60 homeless dogs from various welfare societies in Cape Town. The last brochure home around 20 of its dogs and was responsible for homing a lot more.

The cost of this brochure is high and relies 100% on donations and sponsorship. We are looking for either donations to help us with the printing or companies to sponsor the printing of the whole brochure, in return, they will get their logo and some info on a dedicated "sponsors" page.