Our Brochure.

Here are 4 pages out of our 8 page full colour brochure with 40 dogs, it was printed in December last year. 3000 of them were printed and distributed around Cape Town. The success was huge. There were so many calls to these three welfare societies that all in all they homed over 60 dogs between them in the course of about 3 months. Not all the dogs from the brochure were homed but once people saw the beautiful dogs available they went to one of the three societies and found exactly what they wanted.

We are designing another one now, hopefully it will be ready to print in the next month, but once its ready, we need to find sponsors, as the costs of the printing is between R3000 and R7000 depending on how many pages. Ideally a company would sponsor the printing of the whole brochure, or one of the printing companies them selves
This one was 100% sponsored by Van Riebeck printers
If you are interested in helping us in any way with the printing costs of this next brochure, please contact us. All sponsors will be on a dedicated sponsors page, and will also be featured on our sponsors page on this website.