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Adoption and Contact Information

 If you are interested in adopting any of the animals from our gallery, or you would like to know about the many more animals available, choose the welfare society where your chosen animal is kept.

Tears     Animal Welfare Stellenbosch     Animal Anti Cruelty league   Adopt A Pet     Karoo Animal Protection

 or contact us at or 083 7978187

"There are so many animals out there that are suffering,  and even though we can only help a fraction of them, and what we do seems miniscule, for THAT animal's life, it is not miniscule, it is everything."


We are the dominant species on this planet and therefore should be taking a very personal care of the creatures sharing it with us.


For more photos of animals looking for homes from welfare societies all over South Africa Visit

PO Box 22376, Fish Hoek, 7974, Lekkerwater Road, Sunnydale   . 
Kennels Tel/fax (021) 785 4482   .  Marilyn Hoole 083 651 6343    .  website

Adoption Process
If you find a suitable pet, and wish to adopt, you will be interviewed either personally or on the telephone by one of our volunteers, and a home visit will be arranged to ensure the home is suitable, i.e. that walls are high enough to stop dogs getting out, warm and dry sleeping conditions are available, pets will be taken in as part of the family, dogs will receive regular exercise, and that pets will receive veterinary care when necessary.

Adoption Fees include vaccination, deworming and sterilisation and a Frontline treatment.
Pets younger than 6 months can be adopted with the arrangement for a sterilisation when old enough.
Dogs - R500-00
Cats - R500-00.

Standard Bank, Fish Hoek, Acc Holder: TEARS, Acc Number: 072 062 886, Branch Code: 036009, Acc Type: Current (Cheque)


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Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch

Devon Valley Road, Stellenbosch, 7600  .  P.O. Box 90, Stellenbosch, 7599  . 

Tel/Fax: + 27 21 (021) 886 4901
Emergencies:  0711 6999 22
Kennel Manager Alta who can be contacted on 082 660 1953
Cattery Manager is Elmarie who can be contacted on 083 692 9549


Adoption Process
Potential adopters fill out an application form. Thereafter our inspectors will do a premises check to ensure it is suitable, has shelter and is large enough for the animal.

Adoption fees include vaccination, deworming and sterilisation.
Cats / Kittens - R300.00
Dogs / Puppies - R450.00

Banking Details  .  Nedbank Business  .  Winelands Stellenbosch  .  Acc No: 1498042856  .  Branch no: 149-821


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Anti Animal Cruelty league

Contact Information
90 Bofors Circle, Epping 2, Cape Town   .   P.O. Box 59, Rondebosch, 7701
Tel: 021-534 6426/7  .  021-534 6120  .  021-535 4960  .  021-534 6436  .  Fax: 021-534 5625  . website:

Adoption Process
Potential adopters fill out an application form before they view the animals. If an animal is chosen, our inspectors will first go out and inspect the premises to ensure it is suitable, has shelter and is large enough for the chosen animal. If all is in order we will then ensure the animal is sterilised (if old enough) and all the vaccinations are up to date before releasing the animal.

Adoption fees include Vaccination Deworming and Sterilisation
Large Dog and large breed puppies  - R300
Small Dogs and small breed puppies  - R200
Full Breed and Full Breed breed puppies - R400
Cats and kittens from  - R95 to R150 depending on age and breed.

Banking Details
 .  Standard Bank Current Acc  .  Account Num: 071465820  .  Branch: Rondebosch  Branch Code: 025009

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About Adopt a Pet

ADOPT-A-PET is a privately run animal rights' rescue, rehabilitation and adoption organisation for dogs and cats. It is proud to be part of the "no-kill" movement which is gaining in momentum throughout the civilised world. Every animal which comes into ADOPT-A-Pet's care is treated with the same love and respect, whether it is a pedigreed stray, or a starving, emaciated dog riddled with mange and other parasites, or a cat with broken legs. The only animals which are humanely euthanized on the advice of the veterinarians who assist ADOPT-A-PET, are those which have terminal illnesses or incurable pain with no hope of recovery. Every rescued animal is checked by a veterinarian, treated if necessary, inoculated, de-wormed and sterilised. Assistance is also given by dog & cat behaviourists.

Contact information
All our animals are kept at various kennels and foster homes.
Tel:(021) 465 4560  website:

Adoption process
Prospective owners are first interviewed verbally and then a personal home check is made, before an adoption is finalised. Animals have to be treated as part of the family and need to sleep indoors. A second pet needs to be adopted if the owner works all day.

Adoption fees
The adoption fee includes the first inoculation, de-worming, sterilisation if an adult, an identity disk and a microchip. In the case of puppies and kittens, the sterilisation fee is paid in advance and when the sterilisation is due, the owner is notified to take the animal in to the nearest veterinary practice which assists ADOPT-A-PET.

Banking details

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Karoo Animal Protection Society

We will make arrangements for you to meet any of our animals - we will travel reasonable distances to reach you, anywhere within the Cape area.  KAPS is a mobile organisation with a no-kennel policy our rescued animals are fostered in members' homes, where they are socialised and house-trained. Unless stated otherwise, KAPS dogs will get along happily with other dogs in your family. 

Contact Information
Klipfontein Farm, Barrydale, P.O. Box 134, Barrydale, 6750, email
Tel/Fax: 028 572 1717  .  Cell: 072 277 1056  .  website

Adoption Process
Adoptions are subject to satisfactory inspection of premises and signed acceptance of our adoption agreement.
For further information, please call KAPS Chairperson Colette Teale at any time or e-mail us your number on  and we will call you back.

Adoption Fees
KAPS does not charge fees, but instead asks for donations towards our rescue and rehoming costs. A good home is what matters, and if adopters are short of funds, e.g. pensioners, we will always make an arrangement. 
All companion animals are dewormed, Frontlined, vaccinated and sterilised if old enough (if too young, KAPS arranges and pays for sterilisation at the appropriate age).

Banking Details

KAPS, ABSA Bank, Swellendam Branch, Account no: 4056048870, Branch code: 334-813

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