About us and what we do

"There are so many animals out there that need help and even though we can only help a fraction of them, and our work seems miniscule, for that specific animal's life, it is not miniscule, it is everything."

The Animal Trust is two fold

1) The Virtual Adoption centre. We act as an umbrella body that assists various Animal welfare organisations gain exposure for the specific causes they stand for. Including showcasing their animals all under one banner to help speed up the process of adoptions. We have found that when someone is looking to adopt a pet, they may try only one of the many welfare societies, often if they do not find what they are looking for, they simply give up, while around the corner at another welfare society is the very animal they would love.

As well as this website, we design and print a full colour brochure every few months containing pictures of some of the dogs available for adoption from a few of the welfare societies. (printing of this brochure is paid for by donations and sponsors)

2) Support and rescue. The Animal Trust itself goes out into poverty areas rescuing and uplifting the lives of dogs, some of them living lives of unimaginable suffering, abuse and neglect. In these situations we are faced with four choices.

Mostly we find families that do the best they can with the little they have and although their animals are neglected, undernourished and with no form of shelter or protection against the harsh winter, we find they are often open to learning the correct way to own a pet. However they simply do not have the money or the know how and even though their animals are starving and neglected, they refuse to give them up. Many situations are heartbreaking as the law is against us the animals have no rights. We are left with one alternative, to educate and support them as much as possible.  Often they are extremely appreciative of our help and some brought to tears in their desperation. The deal we make with these families is we supply them with dog blankets, good strong kennels and an indefinite supply of healthy dog food every month, and in return they start treating their animals with kindness, compassion and respect.  Often this new way of treating their pets is very foreign to them, but with out fail, every family so far has met our challenge to some degree. We visit them every month while delivering the food and in the majority of these families, we find these once emaciated and terrified animals, now healthy, confident and playful.

Unwanted puppies end up in one of our private houses, they are feed, loved and cared for, then re homed to wonderful loving homes. 

If the animal is unwanted we take it to either one of our homes or to one of the no kill sanctuaries, where it is rehabilitated and eventually homed.

On some occasions the animals are in such a bad way that the only solution is to call on one of the rescue societies to come and asses the situation themselves, often sadly their only option is euthanasia.


We rely solely on donations and sponsorship and desperately need help in buying monthly food that is taken out to all these families in underprivileged areas.

We also supply every dog a badly needed kennel, and these costs are extremely high

The number of families that receive our help is growing, and with your support we CAN sustain these number and be available to help more families. More families, more food, more kennels, more well and healthy dogs.