Welcome to The Animal Trust Cape Town, South Africa

We cannot resign ourselves to doing nothing because the problem is endless and think "what difference can saving one life make?".....because,  for that one life, the difference is everything

"If everyone does one good thing , everything will change, if everyone does nothing, nothing will change.
All it takes is one action, from one person, and the cycle begins".

  Adoption Centre

Our Adoption Centre is a virtual directory and combined overview of homeless animals from various animal welfare organisations.  All ages, all sizes, all breeds and all beautiful.

By assisting these organisations in platforming some of their animals , we aim to connect these animals with their new homes as fast as possible.

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  Our Support in Poverty areas

We go to underprivileged areas and educate and aid families in taking care of their often starving and neglected animals. We supply them with kennels and monthly dog food, veterinary help, sterilisation and regular surprise visits. We try to teach them respect and  compassion for their animals, this often being quite foreign to them, but the response to our support has been successful. In some cases this is the only solution to the suffering of these animals

Our Rescues

There is an abundance of unwanted litters whose fate is to be dumped in the garbage, drowned, freeze or starve to death. Often the mother is starving herself and has to search the streets for food, so she has milk for her puppies. She becomes exhausted and drained resulting in illness and often death. When we find situations like this, we feed the mother back to health, foster the puppies and re home them.



The animal trust is a non profit organisation and relies solely on donations and sponsorship.
We need your support. With your help we can accomplish so much

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